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The Daily Life of an Overthinker

The Daily Life of an Overthinker

Firstly thank you for making it here, reading my blog and taking in my views and opinions. Its appreciated.

If you were to ask all my friends and family they would say I am a very deep person, someone who always keeps to themselves. There is only one explanation I can give you. I'm an Overthinker. Throughout the years I have continued to struggle with self-confidence and self-belief. It doesn't help that I also haven't captured my calling yet to what I am destined for in this world. I still believe that I am in limbo, no man's land, an abyss just waiting for my self-discovery to kick in and lead me to my perfect life.

Now you are probably thinking "Wow...you okay?" Yes i'm fine! I actually laugh at my past now and since the troubles I had in previous years which I will get onto another time, I can look up and say its not all bad! Yes I would agree that some the feelings I have felt and still feel now are not good but I now know its all part of me being me. Its how I am developing into someone better. The fact that I know this is happening means I'm quite content with whats happening with my progression through life. 

Now that we have that covered..Overthinking. Overthinking is the source of my thoughts, my troubles, my dreams and excitement. Its not all bad! It's just a little more difficult to create, analyse and make the correct decisions sometimes. Allow me to share what it means to be an Overthinker:

  • We are very remorseful when we mess up (this will be a lot unfortunately). Even the smallest things will cause us to feel remorse. If I or another Overthinker apologised to you you can bet that we are truly and genuinely sorry. Nothing is worse than overthinking how you let someone down.
  • We aren't as crazy as we seem! We are just extremely worried about..well..everything! We replay all the possibilities in our heads over and over again like a slideshow. Its about distraction, I just need to occupy myself in order to avoid the inevitable. This leads onto the next point;
  • We can have fun constantly! We are not boring and a drag to be around. I love the opportunity to just let go and simply have fun.
  • We cant make decisions. Overthinking affects the simplest of decisions. A post or picture upload to social media may take hours for us due to our indecisiveness. We mean well, we just need time to make up our minds. Give us the freedom and we will thank you later.
  • We just want to escape! Nothing is better than letting everything go and going to a place where decisions and negative energy do not exist. I personally love spending time with people who I can just get lost with and not have a care in the world. That is freedom. Just escaping allows us to be ourselves and forget about the worries.

Overthinker's are constantly plagued by an inner monologue, desperately trying to peel away the layers of every situation. Given the time and freedom though...we are just as normal as the next person may be.

Overthinking has been my friend and enemy. Its a balancing act. I have my good and bad days but all in all I'm blessed to be able to look back and understand just a little bit on why I made some of those mistakes and decisions I made. I have a better outlook and understanding of myself now because I now know I am an Overthinker. It's not a bad thing, not a mental health condition (in some cases depending on whats being thought about), its a human instinct and some of us just tap into that instinct deeper than others. 

I will be sharing my past experiences and explaining how my lack of understanding of the myself made some situations worse.

Thank you so much for making it this far! This was just an intro to how I think and feel. I look forward to writing more and to any responses and questions you may ask

Kind Regards,


If you have concern about your mental health and have feelings beyond what I have initially covered in this post from my own experience, take a look at the NHS UK website for info on Anxiety. Anxiety is a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear, that can be mild or severe. The link is attached to the source button below. God bless.