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Confidence - "the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something."

Above is the first result when you search confidence into google. It is a great first hit and I think describes it well but there is a catch to this. It's all well and good having a level of confidence but in my opinion shows a lot about someone's character in terms of their arrogance as well as their good nature. 

First we need to look at how someone would go about gaining their confidence as I believe that its a trait that's earned in life. Lets look at the bad side first. Unfortunately confidence can manifest due to someone's arrogance through ill-intentions such as bullying, malicious acts, crime or even simply being a clown sometimes. It's easier to build a level of confidence through these methods as it feeds off others and society. I think its pathetic and lazy not putting in the effort to earn a level of confidence that proves and defines you to not only yourself but others. The level of confidence earned via these means is also built on a social level ONLY,  these misguided people will feel the consequences of that later in life when that confidence they thought they had was only for show and they can't get words out and work hard. This level of confidence simply was not designed to help that individual develop in life, only their image. I call it the "Half Arsed it" Confidence. It isn't the full package that back fires on the individual and them around them in the future regardless of how great it felt in the early years.

This is part where it sounds and feels much better! We then have the great people of the next level of confidence. The ones who earned it through personal development, tough emotional situations and hard work. These individuals knew what they had before investing in themselves. Maybe they were particularly good at a subject or skill growing up and worked hard and slowly but surely began to nurture their confidence. The more they worked, the more courageous, brave and adventurous they became. This is how confidence is built the proper way. You have confidence when you have something to show for it, the ability to keep going and grab what you want. An example is someone who is nervous presenting in front of people but slowly after doing it numerous times, putting in the effort and making sure the effort was there, got more confident at it. It is because they had all their last great presentations to show for it. They can look back and say "I did that, I'm quite good at this.". That level of confidence helps you in all aspects of life and continues to grow with you such as romantically, making hard decisions and knowing your next step in life.

I want to talk about the emotional responses from tough situations briefly as I believe some of these can cause a confidence burst too. I have witnessed first hand the difficulty some people face to stay stable mentally and emotionally. You can see their emotions leak down their face, tremble in front of you and call it quits. Some of these so called "weak" individuals are actually some of the strongest people I know and they don't know that. To come back from a state of such despair and emptiness and to bounce back into a world that's destined to crush people and ultimately succeed is absolutely incredible. Using past experiences can drive someone to the brink of success by using their or someone else's suffering as a motivator. The confidence here to be nothing like they were or to avoid that is the only naturally occurring level confidence I know, compared to the levels described above where they are earned through actions.

Confidence is a tricky one as we all need it, we all need a level of confidence described above. It's up to us how we build ourselves up and develop as individuals. The work, the constant battles all define who we are and our confidence will be built around our experiences in life. I think what I am trying to say is live a little! Don't just stick to what you know! Explore, work different jobs, love, volunteer, help out. Anything. All experiences that develop you to build confidence. 

I am on the path to enjoy my life and try all these experiences to one day have that 100% belief in myself where I can achieve anything. 

I hope anything I have said here helps in any kind of understanding for those lost or simply those reading wanting to just know my opinion. I am all ears to others!


Bless you guys, see you soon.



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