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Your Life, Your World

Your Life, Your World

Mental health is one of biggest topics currently discussed by the health industry today due to today's current affairs, the stress behind today's high demands of living and the struggles within friendship and social circles. It is far too easy nowadays to blame yourself and believe you may not be quite enough for this world you live in and don't worry I do know that is pretty deep. Ultimately a lot of people who suffer from depression to the extreme on having suicidal thoughts believe that there is no place here for them. They put so much pressure on themselves when actually it's most probably the fact that the world they have placed themselves in isn't right for them. No life is worth the stress that can drive negative thoughts that far. A life is more important and takes priority than the world around you. I believe you should just change your world and tweak it the way you wish.

Take me for example, I am a great example of this. Granted I wasn't at the extreme side of the spectrum but I still went through this. I was getting down and stressed out about not finding my calling in life and punishing myself for it. This also started to affect my personal life and the relationships I had with friends and family which was difficult and made the stress even worse! 

I wasn't happy with my life and it sucked.

Thankfully thinking about it all, I had an epiphany which is the concept of this post. What if it isn't me? There's reasons why I am where I am in life. I was trying to mould my life and happiness around this world's expectations and pressure. I made decisions that were based on the fact that it would get me to that next step up and mile stone in my life, not my happiness. When it all didn't work out in jobs and university, I just blamed myself for not following through with it and thought I was just lazy. THIS IS NOT THE CASE.
I didn't know it at the time but my mind simply would not allow me to stick with something which I wouldn't enjoy in the long term and the fact that, yes, the subjects I studied at uni and the jobs I did would of been a great platform for a great career and comfortable living situation but money doesn't bring happiness. Not for me anyways and now I know that.

So..I knew I had to do something because the stress and depression wasn't healthy and I wanted to benefit from a great life and that's when I realised that if there is nothing currently in this world which would satisfy me, I should just change my world and go out and find what I'm looking for. Don't give up guys...there is a calling for everyone somewhere, it may just take some dramatic changes in order for you to find it. I changed my world. I am in New Zealand now currently in pursuit of happiness and perhaps a part of me I didn't know about before which will help me find my calling. Honestly what I have done is quite extreme but it works for me. Decide what you want to change in your life to set you free a little. You need to be happy in order to find happiness oddly. Making decisions when you happy and free are the best ones you will ever make and will certainly lead on to great things. 
Just to illiterate, I'm not saying you need to go to another country to find what you need but like I said, make subtle changes to your lifestyle, social life, friends, location etc and you may see the benefits I have just mentioned. 

Before I had everything sorted in my head, I was a mess. I had made bad decisions and lost a lot which nose dived my mental health quite badly, but after all that and making those subtle changes I was able to put together a clearer picture of the man I wanted to be. I WILL become that man and I know after that, everything will just fall into place. Because I will be happy. 

Your life isn't meant to revolve around this worlds whims, the world should revolve around your life. You decide where to go and how to do it. Don't stress. You deserve to be happy doing whatever you are doing. Find the world that revolves around your life and your happiness. 


p.s. If you really are in a bad way in terms of your feelings then please speak out and let someone in, even if you fancy chatting to me for 5 mins, contact me. Seeing your GP is always the first step. Someone wants to help you. 


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